Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Working Out and Achieve Real Results!

We all have been there. Wondering whether or not to make the decision to finally sign up for that gym membership.

Maybe you’ve been telling yourself repeatedly you don’t have the time.

Maybe you tell yourself there’s always tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.

Maybe you’re just on the fence about fitness.

Well look no further! Here’s the TOP 5 REASONS you should finally start a sweat dripping journey towards a better version of yourself!

1. You will live longer!

Who could argue with that? Sign me up! That should be enough of a reason to start in itself. And,mind you, it’s never to late to start!

Enjoying those years of retirement down the road and reaping some other benefits listed further on in the article are hard to argue with.

Stopping death from knocking on your door a few years, if not more, later sounds pretty appealing.

2. You will be happier!

It has been proven that exercise is linked with an increased release of dopamine (that make you feel good brain chemical).

Not only that but just think how much happier you’ll be fitting back into those slimmer jeans you haven’t worn since high school.

Or you might have an upcoming summer vacation and you want to wear that smaller size swimsuit you’ve been eyeballing.

3. You will have a higher self-esteem!

This one goes hand in hand with reason number 2!

Along with that increased dopamine output, you’ll find yourself happier when looking into the mirror, which will only carry over into the rest of your life.

Let me elaborate with a simple example. You start working out. The mirror becomes a friendlier place.

Results start to get noticed. Real Results mind you.

You leave for the day with a big smile on your face and that positive mirror experience.

You have that renewed confidence that you have achieved success over your body so there’s nothing else that can stand in your way.

4. You will have more energy!

In the beginning you may find yourself struggling to make it through those first few sessions.

But after a few weeks of muscle aches and creating puddles of sweat you’ll be finding yourself needing a little less caffeine to make it through the day.

That’s because your conditioning your heart and lungs to provide better blood flow to the rest of your body with each exercise you complete!

5. You will build muscle!

Now this reason is a personal favorite of mine.

Last but not least you can’t forget about the side effects of picking up a weight and setting it back down.

Muscle growth! Whether it’s filling out those shirt sleeves (if that’s what you’re going for), or tightening up that mid section, it is an inevitable and very satisfying result from working out!

Summary – Time to get out there and get those Real Results!

There you have it! Some of the top reasons to finally get off the chair or couch and start sweating!

I created this blog to be a place where all the information of taking that next step is provided.

Here’s a link to my Beginner at the Gym Weightlifting blog I offer solid full body routine to get you started! Now get out there and get some Real Results!

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